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Why You Should Use PDOOH Advertising To Promote Your Small Business

OOH (Out Of Home) advertising has come a long way over the years and it’s now at a point where small businesses can afford to advertise on digital screens. Helping them boost their brand awareness within their chosen area and ultimately boosting enquiries and sales. 

Not only is OOH advertising more affordable now, but it is also increasingly intuitive. Offering new benefits to advertisers through Digital OOH (DOOH). In recent years, DOOH has become programmatic and is known as PDOOH (Programmatic Out Of Home) offering even more benefits to advertisers. 

If your business is looking for customers in Sussex, you could be making use of our PDOOH network to deliver eye-catching ads directly to your target audience. Here are our top three benefits of using PDOOH advertising to advertise your business across Sussex:

Run targeted advertising campaigns

As we’ve touched on, running advertising on a PDOOH network allows advertisers to deliver ads to their target audience. Gone are the days when OOH advertising wasn’t measurable and advertisers had no control over who saw their ads. 

With PDOOH advertising, audiences can be identified and segmented, as they can be in other digital marketing campaigns. So specific demographics can be reached using geofencing. Which is a way to create a virtual geographic boundary around the advertising screen so consumers that enter the boundary can be identified.

Even base ads on the weather!

Another really cool feature of PDOOH advertising is that advertisers can run ads that are weather-triggered. So ads promoting umbrellas can be shown when it’s raining, for example. These types of ads can be really effective as they pull on the consumer’s current situation. Potentially making a product or service more appealing and ultimately increasing sales or enquiries. 


One of the biggest issues facing advertisers at the moment is cost. With the cost of living on the rise, businesses are looking for ways to stretch their budgets and save money where they can. Due to PDOOH advertising being so targeted, advertisers only spend money on advertising to their target audience. Rather than on advertising that isn’t reaching the right consumers.

Thanks to the geofencing we mentioned earlier, advertisers only pay for the consumers they reach. Which at the moment, we’re only charging £2.50 per 1,000 impressions. Making running a PDOOH advertising campaign with us really affordable.

Real-time data

DOOH advertising also offers real time insights into how many people have seen the ad and how long they looked at it are really valuable to marketers. On our network, we can even tell advertisers how consumers felt when looking at their ad!

On top of the data already provided, a simple solution like adding a QR code to the ad can unlock even more insight. This gives advertisers information on how many consumers engaged with the ad and allows them to create an engagement rate. 

As all good marketers know, this data can then be used to further improve their advertising and make it even more effective. 

In short, PDOOH is an extremely powerful way to advertise and more businesses need to be taking advantage of it. Whether you’re an agency looking to offer PDOOH advertising to your clients or a business looking to run advertising on our network, we would love to hear from you. Give us a call on 0800 058 4275 to speak to our team today.