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A local advertising network that gets big results

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Our highly targeted digital network of screens across will support your business. We will get your brand in front of our affluent customers every day of the year.

Our mission is to provide businesses with highly effective, affordable local advertising across the seaside towns of the South East.

A fast-growing, local network

Superb locations

Affluent demographics

Buy direct or programmatically

Close to all major stores and restaurants

AI driven analytics

In-depth reporting

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Looking for a local business advertising solution? Why digital out of-home advertising (DOOH) could change the game.

DOOH advertising networks are taking the marketing world by storm, and it’s not hard to see why.


People spend 70% of their time out of their home and on the move.


55% of people who see a digital billboard can recall the specific message displayed.


80% of brands saw a significant increase in additional sales of up to 33% after implementing a digital out of home advertising strategy.

See what digital out of home advertising can do for your business

At Blue Billboard, we do things differently

We offer data-driven insights into your campaign with artificial intelligence.

We are one of the few DOOH networks in the UK offering digital signage screens with integrated, cutting-edge AI sensors.

Our AI sensors, powered by AdMobilize, use artificial intelligence technology to analyse the physical world. With incredible accuracy, we can measure:



Attention time


Age range


We report this information back to you every month, meaning you can measure the success of your campaign – and its impact on revenue – with real, detailed data. We also use AI insights to inform ad placement and design so that you can optimise results and get the most out of your budget.

Advertising on our local network builds brand awareness.

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