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Local Digital Screen Advertising

Advertise on a Blue Billboard digital display screen

Our fast-growing digital display screen network reaches 12 million people every month across the South East of England. We achieve real results for our customers using innovative AI technology, creativity and key messaging.

80% of brands saw a significant increase in additional sales of up to 33% after implementing a digital out of home advertising (DOOH) strategy.

Why advertise with a Blue Billboard digital signage screen?

Clear, effective & engaging ads

Digital out of home advertising (DOOH) is one of the fastest growing marketing mediums in the world. When you want to capture attention with dynamic, memorable content, a digital screen should be your first port of call.

AI Integrated

We are one of the first out of home ad networks in the UK to use AI sensors to capture demographic data. We can tell you how many people looked at your advert and measure audience sentiment with pinpoint accuracy.


You don’t need a large budget to advertise with us. In fact, we pride ourselves on offering affordable advertising solutions to help organisations of all kinds in our local communities achieve their goals and grow.

Our services

Our digital advertising spaces across Sussex give you:


See how much exposure you could achieve

Spend Per Month:100

Exposure:20,000 impressions

Impression figures are approximate based on previous campaign tracking and average footfall. 

Be where your audience is