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DOOH advertising

What is DOOH Advertising?

And what can it DOOH for you?

A lot of people ask us to explain what DOOH advertising is, so this blog post has been written just for that reason! The acronym DOOH stands for Digital Out Of Home and the acronym is usually placed in front of the word ‘screen’ or ‘network’ when discussing the technology involved, or in front of the word ‘advertising’ when discussing the type of promotional campaigns that can be run using this type of platform.

So, in a nutshell, DOOH advertising is a form of promotional campaign that is run on a network of screens that can be placed in high footfall areas, such as retail outlets, leisure and sporting venues, reception areas and well… anywhere where people congregate!

The brilliant thing about the Blue Billboard DOOH advertising network more specifically is that our screens are placed in venues and are viewed by audiences that brands wanting to do digital advertising might usually find hard to reach. Our network also guarantees that only relevant and non-competitive advertising will be used on your chosen screens, plus it can drill down to specific geographical areas, so if you want to show different ads in different towns then we can do that.

For advertisers DOOH Advertising is essentially a highly effective and engaging way for you to unobtrusively reach your target audience without annoyingly popping up on their phone or spamming their email inbox. For venues DOOH Advertising is a way to passively generate income and gently upsell to existing customers.

Our intelligent screens come with chip technology that can count the amount of views and impressions. This is how we know that across Sussex we currently have over 3.2Million people walking past our screens every month. This is also how we can completely customise your campaigns. If you want your ads on screens in 3 shops and also 2 high traffic reception areas then just let us know.

Whichever side of the DOOH Advertising coin you’re on, our team will come and chat to you about what’s involved, explain all the benefits and how we can help.


If your advertising isn’t DOOHing it for you then why not contact us today? (Come on – we had to use it!!)