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Reaching Your Target Audience With Hivestack

2023 has got off to a great start for DOOH advertising with spending continuing to grow. The beginning of 2023 has also seen more talk about the issues with online advertising. This includes privacy issues and PPC not being as effective as it once was. With many saying that DOOH advertising is a cost effective alternative offering better results. The Drum even said that DOOH advertising remains one of the safest forms of advertising

It’s therefore no surprise that more advertisers are opting to use programmatic DOOH (or PDOOH) as a way to reach their target audience given the demographic targeting capabilities that it offers. Hivestack, in particular, allows advertisers to build truly bespoke campaigns within its software. 

In this first technological update of 2023, we thought Hivestack’s demographic targeting capabilities deserved the spotlight. We truly think that advertisers are going to be using it even more as the year progresses. Creating more effective advertising campaigns than ever before.

What is demographic targeting?

Put simply, demographic targeting is a type of marketing segmentation. To make sure that their efforts are effective, marketers often segment their target audience so that they can create relevant marketing material for each specific audience section . Segmenting by demographic is separating the audience by age, occupation, cultural background etc.

In the world of DOOH and PDOOH, it means that advertisers are able to only show their advertising to particular consumers. Specifically, consumers that are most likely to convert which makes their advertising campaign more effective.

What demographic targeting capabilities does Hivestack have?

Using Hivestack’s intelligent software, building bespoke campaigns that target highly specific consumers has never been simpler. Using the Hivestack software, advertisers are able to use multiple data sets (including demographics) in layers to create bespoke audiences. These datasets merge predefined segments with geo-locations, Point Of Interests (POIs) and even the advertiser’s first-party data. 

Using bespoke audiences allows advertisers to analyse their selected audience’s macro movements. It also means that the PDOOH screens will be able to identify the target audience and deliver the advertising messaging at the right time for the most impact. 

Benefits of running a demographically targeted PDOOH campaign

While we’ve made it clear that this way to advertise is intuitive, the real question is, what does this mean for advertisers? So here are our top three benefits of running a demographically targeted PDOOH campaign:

  1. Cost-effective – The great thing about advertising on our network is that we only charge for the number of impressions achieved. This means that, if you ensure your campaign is highly-targeted, you’ll only be paying for your advertising to be seen by your target audience. Making PDOOH a highly cost-effective way to advertise.
  2. Results-driven – Having the ability to target advertising means that you’re able to only show your advertising to consumers who are most likely to convert. Making the overall campaign effectiveness higher.
  3. Relevant – By running targeted campaigns, you’re able to be more relevant with your advertising as you know the type of consumers that are going to see it. Helping you build relationships with your target consumers.

To find out more about PDOOH campaigns and how running one can help achieve your and your clients’ advertising goals, give us a call on 0800 058 4275. Or send us a message through our website.