Happiness Index

Blue Billboard Happiness Index

How happy are we?

Blue Billboard uses advanced technology in all of our locations to measure footfall and demographic data. But did you know we are also able to measure sentiment?

We’re really excited to be announce that each month we are going to share this sentiment data with you, by ways of our Happiness Index.

This data gives a good indication, in Sussex at least, of the mood of the population. In this first post we’ll go back to November and December 2021, and where we currently stand in January 2022.

We will only detail the larger sentiments in the index, mainly Neutral, Happy, Sad, Angry.

November 2021

In November we saw a 35% neutral sentiment, 35% sad, 7.5% angry and 13% happy.

December 2021

December saw a marked increase of almost 10% on the sad sentiment, with a slight increase in happiness. 27% were detected with a neutral sentiment, 42% sad, 7.75% angry and 14% happy.

January 2022

So far in January we are seeing a similar picture developing to November, with a reduction of sadness, down to 34%, neutral at 32%, angry at 7.2% and happiness at 13.7%. Interestingly fear and disgust has increased slightly, although this may change as the rest of the month progresses.

Keep an eye out on our website and social media for the next index update at the start of February!