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3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blue Billboard Screen (Featured Image)

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blue Billboard Screen

Our fast-growing advertising network now extends to a huge variety of venues. From coffee shops to car garages across East and West Sussex and beyond. We’re on the look out for other businesses across Sussex to become a part of our fast-growing display screen network. 

The great thing about becoming a part of the Blue Billboard DOOH network is that it’s completely FREE for you to join and you can even run your own ad campaigns for FREE too. We know what you’re thinking, this is all great but what benefits will having one of your screens bring to my Sussex business? Well, read on to find out as we give you three reasons why your business needs a Blue Billboard screen.

3 Reasons your business needs a Blue Billboard screen (megaphone)

1. Draw people’s attention to your business

Our HD displays are bright and eye-catching, drawing people to them wherever they’re placed. By having one of our screens in your business premises, you could be attracting more attention to it. This works really well if you have a shopfront and want to draw people to it, but it can also be effective when placed inside the pr2. emises.

3 Reasons your business needs a Blue Billboard screen (Graph)

2. Increase your sales

As we said in our last point, having one of our HD screens in your business establishment draws attention, but it also retains attention too. People are more likely to spend more time inside your business establishment when there is a screen to look at. This is known as ‘dwell time’ and when dwell time goes up so do sales. In fact, a study by Pathintelligence found that a 1% increase in dwell time results in a 1.3% increase in sales!

3 Reasons your business needs a Blue Billboard screen (plant in money pot)

3. Create Passive Income

In between your content, we display advertisements for other businesses on the screen and give you a cut of the revenue. Don’t worry, the adverts we display on your screen will not be ones that compete with your business. They’re all ‘pre-watershed’ too, meaning that they have no nudity, violence, alcohol or smoking and no adverts shown will be damaging to your reputation.

Joining the Blue Billboard network really is a win-win situation, so what are you waiting for? Become a part of one of the fastest-growing advertising networks in the South of England  and reap the benefits. For more information visit our website, or contact our team on 01903 946165.