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Artificial intelligence. Real data.

Introducing our AI sensors

Gain reliable insights into your advertising with Data Driven AI. We are one of the few DOOH networks in the UK offering digital signage screens with integrated sensors which use artificial intelligence technology to analyse the physical world.

Our sensors are powered by AdMobilize. This powerful software uses face metrics to analyse audience reaction in real-time so you can get the stats that are important to your business. The results are quantified in a dashboard display that is both incredibly detailed and easy-to-understand

Supercharge your marketing strategy by measuring:



Attention time


Age range


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So, what does this mean for you?

Never underestimate the power of data. Whether you’re advertising on our network, or one of our screens is installed in your business, the data gathered by our AI sensors has the power to increase sales, build brand awareness and impact your bottom line.

Measure the reach of your campaign

Gain an insight into what content, and which locations had the biggest impact. Want to know how many people were exposed to your digital ad in each location, how many people looked at it, and how long they looked for? Our AI sensors can tell you. Sentiment measuring even records emotional reactions to your ads.

Target your audience

We can provide you with in-depth, evolving demographics data, which analyses the people that visit each of our screen locations every month. This means that you can choose which locations will optimise reach to your desired audience based on real data, not assumptions.

Inform the future of your campaign

We report your AI analytics back to you each month to help you optimise results and get the most out of your budget. Did one key message in particular prompt a surge in impressions from your target audience? Did one location not get the results you wanted? You’ll know exactly how your campaign is performing and what to do to optimise results.

We know that access to in-depth data is essential to a successful marketing campaign; however, we don’t believe in recognition, only detection. Our sensors might be powerful, but they can’t identify any individuals specifically, nor would we want them to.

Join the growing number of businesses in your area who are benefitting from AI integrated advertising.

Want one of our advertising screens in your business? Here’s our five-step process.

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Site assessment

Blue Billboard provide a free site assessment. We will advise where our screens would fit best in your business.

Blue Circle 2

When you’re happy, we will arrange a free, professional instillation, including hardware and software set-up.

Blue Circle 3

We’ll give you access to our content management system, so you can start uploading content to your new digital display screen, and start earning ad placement revenue.

Blue Circle 4
Content creation

We’ll create some free initial content designs for your business. Think impactful designs and photography for your business that shows off your products and services and ramps up your sales.

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Track and monitor

We will provide data-driven reports each month and ongoing free advice and support whenever you need it.

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