Boost your digital signage campaign with social media integration

Increase your reach and maximise your impact by adding social media to your digital signage campaign. Social media is a powerful marketing tool for connecting with your customers, building brand identity and getting your key message out there.

We produce regular product and service designs that can be uploaded to both our digital signage screens and to your social media channels.

Integrating your dooh campaign with social media media can:

Increase engagement from your customers

Boost brand awareness by pushing the same message on multiple platforms

Provide value through meaningful content

Increase sales and conversions

Provide return on your investment (ROI)

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Converting leads into customers with digital signage and social media advertising

Posting social media content that strongly identifies with your digital signage ads increases brand recall and customer engagement.

The majority of your customers will be using at least one social media platform, and potential customers will often search for a business on social media after seeing them advertised through digital signage.

A successful marketing campaign will tell an engaging story which delivers the same message on every platform it uses, so you need your branding to be consistent.

That’s why we design content for both your digital display screen ads and your social media feed – because we recognise the importance of a cohesive campaign in attracting and converting customers.

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