Introducing AI Sensors

Introducing AI Sensors

Introducing AI Sensors

Tuesday 03/08/2021

Being able to accurately measure footfall and demographic data is traditionally hard with digital out of home.

Online adverts and content can easily track users navigating around with the use of cookies, sessions and analytics tools.

How can we do this with a dooh network where it’s impossible to track individuals?

Blue Billboard has the answer!

We have recently started implementing AI Sensors powered by AdMobilize. This solution enables us to accurately produce footfall and impression data for each our locations, as well as demographic data such as gender and approximate age.

Our integration with Xibo Adspace allows us to provide this data to our advertisers, as well as our network partners. This data provides a clear insight into the makeup of demographics visiting their location.

For advertisers this allows us to tell you exactly how many impressions you received. Enabling Blue Billboard to provide accurate ad placement.

We are one of the few dooh networks in the UK that can produce this level of detail.

As we roll this technology out across the network, keep an eye on our network pages to see the data in real time.

If you are interested in advertising on our network and making use of our exceptional service and fantastic data then contact us today about setting up your campaign.