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What we do

We own and operate a DooH (digital out of home) network in the south east

Our network helps independent businesses show off their products and services on our HD screens.

We also sell advertising space across the network, sharing the generated revenue back to the businesses in our network.

Our advertising options benefit from being comparable and, in some cases, cheaper than other advertising methods such as pay per click.

Take a look at our network and see how joining could benefit you, or get an idea where your business could be seen if you advertise with us.

Our Network
Our Services

What we can offer you

To promote your business, we can offer the following core services. Our friendly sales team are on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Recent Installs

Some of our latest installations

How We Work

Joining the network is easy

We make the process of joining our network simple! The steps below map out the process.

Site Assessment
Hardware setup
Lee All Sorts