Happiness Index January 2022

Blue Billboard Happiness Index

How happy were we in January 2022?

So it was a tough end to 2021 and probably not the best start to 2022 with the Covid Pandemic still going on. However in the UK certainly there were less restrictions versus December 2020 – January 2021. But how did it affect happiness? Let’s take a look at the January figures compared to December.

January 2022

January had a little over 1% reduction in happiness versus Decembers number. However we do see a 5% swing from sadness to neutral which shows perhaps some increase in positivity. Angry emotions are exactly the same at 7.74%.

Blue Monday

What about Blue Monday? Blue Monday is the 3rd Monday in January (allegedly), so how did that day perform compared to the rest of the month? Interestingly it had a slightly higher happiness rating at 14%, although anger was certainly higher at 8.23%, sadness and neutral were the same as the rest of the month.