St Georges News Food And Wine

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    Shop Floor

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    Nick Patel

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    £2.00/1000 impressions

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St Georges News Food & Wine is a convenience store located on a busy street in the centre of Brighton. With over 1000 people a day visiting, this is a busy popular and well reviewed store.

Where is the screen located?

Our display is located near the checkouts, in an overhead position allowing for excellent visibility from customers entering and checking out. With over 1000 customers day shopping there you can be certain your advert will be seen.

  • High customer footfall
  • Prominent location
  • Visible by all waiting customers
  • Landscape orientation
  • Busy local shop
  • Friendly staff and owners
  • Operates 7 days a week
  • Open hours 6-22
  • Low cost per second
  • Around 1000 footfall per day
  • Varied Demographics
  • Competing adverts disallowed

The Story

Our first install in Brighton, the store showed an interest in joining our network to obtain an additional passive income. In addition to this the shop sells a variety of delicious homemade Indian food which are showcased on the screen.