King & Queen Brighton

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    Mark Such

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A legendary venue in brighton since 1779

Built in 1779 as a Farmhouse and named in honour of George III and Charlote whose 60 year reign ended in 1820. The principal bar, built in the style of a noblemans hall is flanked by a paved courtyard. The building also incorporates Prinny’s bar on the Minstrels Gallery.

Where are the screens located?

Our screens are located on either side of the main bar and under the giant projector screens used for live sports. The placement of these screens will ensure high customer engagement and are perfect for your ads.

  • High engagement
  • Prominent location
  • Landscape & Portrait orientations
  • Large charity superstore
  • Prime location
  • Operates 7 days a week
  • Open all day long
  • Low cost per second
  • Consistent footfall all day and night
  • Varied Demographic
  • Competing adverts disallowed
  • AI Demographics available

The Story

We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to add such a fantastic venue to the network. The King & Queen is the largest pub in Brighton and so is a fantastic location for our network.
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