What is digital out of home advertising (dooh/ooh) advertising?

Out of home advertising refers to any kind of advertisement seen in public spaces. From classic billboards to digital screens, out of home advertising has always delivered big results. Why? People spend 70% of their time outside their homes. High-visibility, impactful messages delivered on a billboard are proven to increase brand recall – driving awareness and increasing sales.

80% of brands saw a significant increase in additional sales of up to 33% after implementing a digital out of home advertising strategy.

What does dooh mean for your business? Ooh digital screens are one of the fastest growing advertising mediums in the world. More and more small businesses are realising the benefits of digital signage; they have the power to transform your marketing strategy, increase brand awareness and provide a huge return on your investment (ROI).

Advertising on our network:

  • 1000s of impressions a day
  • Location targeting  
  • Demographic targeting
  • Monthly in-depth reporting

Getting a digital signage screen for your business:

  • Show off your products and services
  • Advertise at the point of sale
  • Earn revenue each month through a percentage of screen time per day dedicated to other advertisements (none of these will compete with your services)
  • Monthly in-depth reporting


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Why ooh digital screens could be the key to great marketing on a small budget


Dooh is well-known for offering great ROI, and can be an incredibly efficient way of getting real results on any budget. On average, an advert with Blue Billboard will cost an average of £2.26 per 1000 impressions. Because your campaign can be hyper-targeted within a local area, wastage is greatly reduced.


Not only is dooh advertising the perfect vehicle for attention-grabbing creative content, it can’t be switched off, meaning your audience can’t scroll past or change channels. 

Data driven

Blue Billboard is one of the few dooh advertising companies that offers AI integration. This means that we can measure the reach of your campaign in incredible detail and optimise ad placement and audience targeting with laser accuracy.


Dooh delivers dynamic content that can be updated in real time, and captures audiences at the point of sale.

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FAQs - how do I make the most of my dooh advertising campaign?

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