Expert screen management for digital media signage

Not sure how to get the most out of your digital media signage? Let us manage your screen remotely with our ‘plug and play’ services.

Blue Billboard can design up-to-date, engaging content for your business every month. When you’ve approved our designs, we will remotely upload content to your screen, and optimise scheduling so that the right ads play at the right time.

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Getting the most out of your digital media screen

Screen management services From £125 + VAT per month

Five creative designs per month

Screen administration through the powerful Xibo content management system

Campaign scheduling

Demographics targeting

In-depth reporting

We can administer your screen using the Xibo content management system. This allows us to:

Engage your audience

Powerful design tools and integrated widgets let us create dynamic content to elevate your brand and grab attention. We always incorporate your branding and follow your house style – and we’ll never upload content until it has been approved by you.

Schedule your content

It’s all about timing. We work with you to create a scheduling strategy so that the right content plays at the right time. Audience demographic data collected from our AI enabled screens allows us to schedule your content with laser precision.

Keep everything running smoothly

Xibo’s integrated user authentication system keeps your content safe and secure. We can also remotely check proof of play and view diagnostic information from your screen.

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